Culture Optix is a collection of successful business executives, academic practitioners, and creative thinkers who provide an exciting way of tapping into the hidden potential within organizations of all types. Through research and practical applications, we have established a new approach which allows us to show you how “people” networks are operating within your organization. We have created an engagement process that helps you revitalize and unleash the potential within these networks resulting in significant improvement in performance and your cultural dynamics.

What culture optix Offers

We provide the following services within our Organizational Culture Assessment and Development offering:

  • Organizational Network Mapping
    Survey-based, graphical mapping technology that provides insights into the connectedness and flow of information and energy (of a number of indices) within teams, divisions and entire organizations.
  • Facilitated Discovery
    Assessment and evaluation of the Organizational Network Mapping results conducted by internal staff with guided facilitation from the Culture Optix team.
  • Systems-level Design Solutions
    Examination of the overall structure of your networks and recommendations of systems level changes that are tracked over time.
  • Team-building
    Design and execution of organizational systems level team-building activities to directly address the deficits and opportunities identified during the facilitated discovery
  • Executive Coaching
    Provides a new optic for graphical, visual feedback to executives committed to increasing their capacity for effectiveness at the systems level of the organization.

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The Science of
Culture Mapping

The Science

For today’s leaders committed to tangible customer value, authentic culture development, and sustainable growth and ROI, success hinges on recognizing the need to deeply understand the interconnected network of relationships (“people systems”) within their organizations.

Leaders also need to see their organizations for what they really are–an ever-changing eco-system vs. static, hierarchical structures. Understanding and developing these relationship networks will unleash the social energy throughout the enterprise.

Unlike existing processes that focus strictly on the performance of individuals or engagement assessments, our innovative, science-based Organizational Network Mapping (ONM) and facilitated culture development process provides an entirely new lens for leaders to see clearly into the very heart of today’s human-centered organizations at the systems level.

We map your organization to show you the real sources of your most critical cultural elements (such as trust, innovation, collaboration and advice). We then facilitate a process to discover and design solutions to help organizations thrive as a result of catalyzing highly networked, highly engaged and highly accountable cultures.


The best way to hear what we can do for your specific company or organization is to speak directly with one of our founders. We can explain in greater detail exactly how our process works, the results you can expect, and how viewing your internal networks in a whole new light can be the start of a brand new chapter for you, your team members, and your organization.

Contact us at info@cultureoptix.com